Our facilities are spread over 35,000 sq ft covered workshop space in Al Jaddaf, Dockyard, Dubai and very extensive open area for heavy fabrication and the storage of mobile equipment like cranes, forklifts, man lifts, welding plants, generators, compressors, hydroblasting machines, steel plates, pipes, etc.

In addition, we have 11,000 sq ft of covered workshop space in Dubai Maritime City, Dubai.


Vessel name Ocean Star
Type & designation Non self-propelled open barge
Flag / Port of Registry UAE 1 Dubai
Classification society P.R.S. (Polish Register)
Gross tonnage 1211
Load carrying capacity 2750 tons
Width 17,50 m
Height 7.53 m
Light draught 0.57 m
Load draught 2.55 m
Framing system Longitudinal
Form of extremities Transom peak and stern
Number of decks 1
Made in Kerch City, Zaliv "works", Russia


Having an established Design and Commercial team in shipbuilding is essential for providing comprehensive support to your esteemed clients. Shipbuilding is a complex and multifaceted industry, and having a dedicated team in these areas will enable you to offer a wide range of services and expertise to your clients.

Design Team:

  • Naval Architects: They will be responsible for designing the ship's hull, structure, and overall architecture to ensure stability, performance, and safety.
  • Marine Engineers: They will focus on designing propulsion systems, power generation, and other mechanical systems on the ship.
  • Electrical Engineers: They will be involved in designing the ship's electrical systems and ensuring proper integration with other systems.
  • Interior Designers: They will handle the aesthetics and functionality of the ship's interior spaces, including cabins, common areas, and amenities.
  • Structural Engineers: They will analyze and design the ship's structural components to withstand the stresses and loads experienced during its lifespan.

Commercial Team:

  • Sales and Marketing: This team will be responsible for promoting the shipyard's capabilities, attracting potential clients, and negotiating contracts.
  • Project Management: They will oversee the planning, scheduling, and execution of shipbuilding projects to ensure they stay on track and within budget.
  • Cost Estimation: This team will provide clients with accurate cost estimates for their shipbuilding projects based on their requirements and specifications.
  • Contract Management: They will handle the legal aspects of the shipbuilding contracts, ensuring all parties' rights and obligations are defined clearly.
  • Customer Support: This team will liaise with clients throughout the shipbuilding process, addressing their concerns, and providing regular updates on the project's progress.